McNairy County News Current Headlines

From the October 14, 2010 edition


Grand Jury returns indictments, 46 arrested so far

The McNairy County Grand Jury has returned over 60 true bills in their October term.
Some of the charges in the indictments include; manslaughter, burglary, drug trafficking, manufacture of meth, theft of property, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual battery, solicitation of rape of a child, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, forgery, unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages, and rape of a child.
The McNairy County Sheriff’s Department, McNairy County Narcotics Unit, Selmer Police Department and Adamsville Police Department have worked throughout the week to arrest those charged. Several on those indicted have yet to be arrested and are still at large. Bond amounts range from $25,000 to $100,000.
Sheriff Guy Buck noted on Monday night that the jail was filling up fast and officers were expected to make more arrests in the next few days.
Trial dates for most of the people arrested have been scheduled for February.
•Stanley Alexander – Voluntary Manslaughter.
•William Hunter Allen – Casual Exchange of Schedule VI (marijuana)
•Jennifer Alley – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone); Delivery of Schedule VI (marijuana)
•Orlanda Amos – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam) - 2 counts
•Keshia Cannon – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone) – 1 count; Delivery of Schedlue VI (Alprazolam) – 2 counts.
•Skyler M. Bellinger – Delivery of Schedule VI (marijuana) – 2 counts.
•Michael Bivens – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone) ; Delivery of Schedule II (Meth.)
•Robert Earl Borner – Delivery of Schedule II (Cocaine).
•James W. Clark – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam); Delivery of Schedule II (Cocaine) – 3 counts; Deliver of Schedule II (Morphine); Facilitation to Deliver Schedule II (Morphine).
•Leslie F. Howell – Facilitation to Deliver Schedule II (Morphine).
•Misty D. Cross – Delivery of Counterfeit Controlled Substance – 2 counts; Delivery of Schedule II (Methamphetamine); Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam).
•Jackie L. Crouse – Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine) – 2 counts; Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone).
•Sharon A. Goodman - Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine) – 1 counts; Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone).
•John Cummings – Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine) - 2 counts.
•Andre Davis – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Monica M. Davis – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana)
•Jerrod Dennis – Promotion of Meth Manufacture.
•Stevie Moore – Promotion of Meth Manufacture.
•Angela Denton – Promotion of Meth Manufacture.
•Adam Dunaway – Promotion of Meth Manufacture.
•Jeremy J. Edick – Aggravated Sexual Battery - (3 counts); Solicitation of Rape of a Child; Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.
•Dennis D. Ervin – Felony Evading Arrest Endangering Others; Reckless Driving; Simple Possession of Schedule IV (Alprazolam); Simple Possession of Schedule VI (Marijuana); Driving While License Suspended/Canceled/ or Revoked; Felony Failure to Appear; Possession of Firearm with Intent to go Armed.
•Darrell J. Fingers – Deliver of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Sharon A. Goodman – Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine).
•Richard F. Hardy – Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Domestic Assault.
•Tawanna V. Helton – DUI; Violation of Implied Consent Law.
•Timothy Hill – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone).
•Penny D. Howell – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone).
•Roy A. Jamison, Jr. – Delivery of Schedule II (Cocaine) – 2 counts; Casual Exchange of Schedule VI (Marijuana); Deliver of Schedule II (Cocaine).
•Courtney Jones – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone)
•Joshua D. McGee – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Jermaine Reginald Nichols – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Thomas E. Reinke, Jr. – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana) – 2 counts.
•Gregory A. Rickman – Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine).
•Cindy Shipman – Delivery of Schedule II (Morphine) – 2 counts.
•Benjerman Smith – Aggravated Sexual Battery; Rape of a Child.
•Justin D. Smith – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam); Delviery of Schedule IV (Clonazepam); Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Joshua H. Sparks – Delivery of Schedule VI (Marijuana).
•Talisa A. Walker – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam).
•Clifford Welsh – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone)
•Mickey G. White – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam); Delivery of Schedule II (Oxycodone).
•Loyd E. Wilburn – Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocodeinone); Unlawful Sale of Alcohol Beverages; Delivery of Schedule III (Dihydrocoeinone).
•Cedrick L. Wilson – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam).
•Jeffrey Wayne Wyke – Burglary of a Motor Vehicle; Theft of Property ($500 - $1,000).
•Brandon L. Wynn – Delivery of Schedule IV (Alprazolam); Delivery of Counterfeit Controlled Substance.
•Jimmy W. Yarbro – Theft of Property ($10,000 - $60,000).

City fires Robo Cop

robocopPhoto by Tom Evans
The Town of Selmer held their October meeting on Tuesday night.
There was a light agenda, but a very productive one according to many of the citizens upset over the Robo Cop, which clocks speeders.
Alderman Edward Smith made the motion to do away with the Robo Cop. His motion was seconded, by Paul Simpson.
“I make the motion to remove Robo Cop,” said Smith. “It’s getting to be where Selmer is the laughingstock of all the towns around us. We’re beginning to be known as a speed trap and it’s hurting our businesses. We need to take some action.”
“I think it’s served its purpose and it’s slowed people down,” said Alderman Paul Simpson. “I got two tickets the first week before we started charging people and it made me slow down.”
The Board voted 4-1 to remove the Robo Cop off the streets with Alderman Lloyd Tennyson voting no. City Attorney Terry Abernathy will contact Red-Flex, the company that owns the Robo Cop and that also installed the cameras at the Hwy 64/45 intersection, about doing away with Robo Cop and the possibility of getting cameras installed at the Walmart intersection.
Sybil Dancer reminded the Board of the dedication service on Sunday for the W.L. Dowty Memorial Playground.
In Old Business, the Board voted 4-1 to reduce the fines for speeding from Robo Cop from $138.75 to $50. The vote was 4-1 with Lloyd Tennyson voting no on the fine reduction.
The Board approved a permit for a Veterans Day Parade on November 13th. Glenn Mutters and Dean Vanover were named to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Friday fire destroys barn
barn_firePhoto by Tom Evans
Selmer firefighters quickly brought Friday’s barn fire under control.
A fire that broke out around noon last Friday totally destroyed a small barn belonging to David Sweat, who lives on Falcon Road in Selmer.
“I had just finished mowing around my dog pen and parked my mower inside the barn,” said Sweat. “Then I went to McDonalds to get something to eat and I got a call saying your barn is on fire.”
A neighbor alerted Jerry Don Sweat, David’s father, who lives just down the road. He attempted to put the fire out, but it quickly got out of control and he called the Selmer Fire Department. Once the fire department got on the scene they were able to keep the fire from spreading to surrounding areas, but the barn was a total loss.
Sweat lost his mower, an ATV Rhino, and several other items that were stored in the barn.
“It appears that maybe some dry grass that was on the mower ignited and started the fire,” said Selmer Fire Chief Anthony Carr. “People need to always let their mowers cool after they’ve been mowing before parking them inside a barn or shed. Our firemen did a good job of keeping the fire contained in the area of the barn because as dry as it was if it had spread to the woods or grass it could have been a big fire in a hurry.”

Vandals deface Adamsville sign

graffitiPhoto by Tom Evans
A sign featuring the senior football players was vandalized with obscenities over the weekend. Anyone with info. is urged to contact the Adamsville Police Dept.

Melissa Cole guilty of 2nd degree murder
A McNairy County Jury returned a guilty verdict against Melissa Cole, age 41, last Friday after a week-long trial.
Cole was convicted of second degree murder, arson and tampering with evidence in the killing of her husband, 50-year-old Gary Cole, last November at their home on Hardin Graveyard between Leapwood and Enville.
Gary Cole was shot in the head and the mobile home set on fire.
Melissa Cole testified during the trial that she was abused verbally and physically and that Gary Cole threatened to kill her. The couple had experienced trouble in their marriage for the past several years according to reports. Her attorney, Ricky Griggs, argued that she had sought help from different resources, but didn’t get any help and she felt killing her husband was the only way out.
Melissa Cole is scheduled for sentencing on October 28th and is facing 15 to 25 years in prison.

Nunsense is a hit!
nunsense2Photo by Alan Murray
April Riley (Sister Mary Amnesia) questions audience members during the show. The production was a crowd pleaser, offering something for adults and children alike. Arts in McNairy’s next show will be “Our Town”. Auditions are set for Tuesday, October 19 at 6 p.m. at the Selmer Community Center.

Early Voting underway

Early voting for the November general election began on Wednesday and will continue until October 28th.
Voters can vote from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon in the McNairy County Election Commission Office in the basement of the Courthouse.
This will be a general election with a new governor and several others being elected.
If you need information on early voting, call 645-6432.

County Commission Meets
Animal rescuers want to help
The McNairy County Commission met on Monday night for their October meeting. There were 17 of 21 Commissioners present with Carol Ann Woods, Neal Burks, Keith Jernigan, and Charlie Garrison absent.
Karen Rudolph addressed the Commission in regards to animal control.
“We are interested in working with the county to improve animal care in the county,” said Rudolph. “We are animal rescuers and we have connections with several other states. We’ve transported hundreds of animals to get adopted. What we need is better animal control, a spay and neuter program and better education on proper pet care. This county needs animal control and a proper facility. The majority of people who elected you want something done.”
Mayor Jai Templeton thanked Ms. Rudolph for her presentation and asked if any of the Commissioners had any questions for her. Commissioner David McCullar gave a report from the Highway Committee, which consists of McCullar, Troy Moore, and Fred Carroll. McCullar advised that around 500 sites had been looked at due to flooding back in May and that the first payment for debris cleanup from FEMA should be coming soon. The county has applied for $900,000 in FEMA money.
McCullar also advised the Commission about damage to Connie Smith Road where a logging crew had logged over 600 acres of timber. The damage to the road would cost around $80,000 to repair and the company’s insurance has been contacted.
The owners of Timber Creek Subdivision want the highway department to pave the roads in the subdivision. The owners have agreed to pay for the cost of materials (around $16,000) if the county would provide the labor (around $4,000 in costs). A contract to replace the Vernie Kirk Bridge has been let. The contractors have one year to finish the project. Commissioner Wilburn Gene Ashe, Chairman of the Growth/Planning Commission made a motion to not accept the International/Residential Codes. The motion was approved unanimously.
Commissioner Jim Rickman, Chairman of the Budget Committee, made a motion to transfer $32,077 from the guard line item in the Sheriff’s budget. The money would be used to help put another deputy on the road. The motion passed with Commissioner James McNeil, who is also a deputy, abstaining.
Brenda Cauley was named to the Records Commission.
The Commission voted to accept a Community Facility Grant from USDA for $4,084.00. The money will be used for computer labs at the Irving Meek, Jr. Libray and the Jack McConnico Library.
Approved as Notaries of Public were; Amanda Baldwin, Yvonne M. Huckabee, Lisa M. Soto, Patsy Lipford, Kathy Ragan, Laurie Stephens, and Deborah Sullivan.
With no further business the meeting was adjourned.