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From the July 15, 2010 edition

Speeders in Selmer beware!robocopPhoto by Tom Evans
Over 1,500 speeding voilations have been recorded by the new mobile roadside radar detector since it was placed into action on July 8.
Robo cop is at work
If you drive through Selmer and you’re speeding, chances are you may get a ticket in the mail.
Selmer recently put a new mobile roadside radar detector into action. Over the past week over 1,500 speeding violations have been recorded on camera. The good news is, the City is not going to charge the speeders until Saturday. If you got caught this week it will only be a warning. Starting Saturday though, if you speed and the machine clocks you, you will receive a ticket in the mail. The tickets are $138.50.
The new machine clocks the speed of traffic coming from both directions, and when it detects someone exceeding the speed limit it takes a picture of the car and license plate. The information is then sent to the Redflex Traffic Systems in Phoenix, AZ. Redflex then issues the speeder a ticket and mails it to the speeder. Redflex receives $25 of the fine and the City of Selmer receives $93.50.
Redflex is the same company that operates the cameras at the Hwy. 45/64 intersection, and Selmer officials say it has really made a difference in cutting down accidents and people running the red light.
“One of the reasons we’re trying this mobile radar unit is that speeding in town has gotten so bad that our officers couldn’t control it,” said Selmer Police Chief Neal Burks. “The speed limit is 30 mph and people are going way over that. The machine wouldn’t go off until you do 41, so people are being given some slack. It’s not like it’s a speed trap. I advise everyone to watch their speed. The radar detector will be moved around town to various locations. There are 21 different spots that we can move it to now and we’ll be adding more.”
Chief Burks noted that Redflex Systems said the radar detector in Selmer was the most active one they have in use.
The machine is owned and maintained by Redflex Traffic Systems. Selmer Police Officers check the machine each day to make sure it is calibrated correctly.

AiM presents Oklahoma!

oklahoma1Photo by David Cook
L-R: Thomas Elam (Will Parker), Payden Donahoe (Ali Hakim the Peddler Man) and Emily Pitts (Ado Annie Carnes). Ado Annie gets a "Persian goodbye" from the peddler man, Ali Hakim and an "Oklahoma hello" from the new beau Will Parker.
Arts in McNairy’s production of Oklahoma! was staged on July 9, 10, & 12 and was a great success.
The show was under the direction of Bryan Essary, and was performed with an all local cast and crew.
Congratulations to AiM on another fine production.

Citizens donate land for new Selmer School
schoolPhoto Submitted
The conceptual plan for the new Selmer Elementary School as prepared by Ledford Engineering & Planning, LLC, shows the school site along with retail businesses, restaurants and hotels. The land is located at the Highway 64 and 45 intersection west of Selmer.

Now funds must be found
The McNairy County Board of Education received some good news last Thursday night.
They were informed a group of citizens that owned land on Hwy 64 across from the First United Methodist Church in Selmer had decided to donate 16 acres of their 55-acre tract of land to the School Board. The land is to be used for construction of a new elementary school in Selmer.
The group of citizens includes: Lewis and Mary Jewell Jernigan; Paul and Jackie Simpson; Fred and Imogene Blackburn; Bob and Wanda Freeman; McAline Shelton (Mrs. Luther Shelton); Jimmie Smith (Mrs. Montie E. Smith); and Steve Smith.
“Acquiring land is the first step, then developing it, and then finding the money to pay for the building,” said Tony Chapman, a member of the School Board’s Planning Committee.
Chapman and fellow board members Larry Smith, who headed up the committee, and Frank Lacey have visited several sites around Selmer looking for a place to build a new school in the future.
“What the citizens need to realize is that the School Board doesn’t have the money to build a new school,” said Chapman. “Funding for our county schools comes from the County Commission and until they find a way to come up with money for more schools the School Board can’t do anything. We’ve got to have some funding first, but we now have some land and that’s a start.”
The group that owns the land that was donated had purchased the land several years ago for a possible new location for the First Baptist Church of Selmer. The church eventually decided to keep their current location as more property next door became available and the land was never developed.
The City of Adamsville has also purchased some land for a new school as they continue to deal with overcrowding. Mayor David Leckner told the School Board at their recent meeting that Adamsville was ready to deed them over the land when they were ready with a plan to begin building.
We are faced with overcrowding at more than one of our county schools and the problem is growing each year. The next big question is – where will the funding come from?

Dr. Brenda Armstrong named SMS Principal

Photo Submitted
Dr. Brenda Peeler Armstrong has been named by Director of Schools Charlie Miskelly as the new principal at Selmer Middle School.
She will replace Joel Boyd who resigned earlier this year. Boyd will move to sixth grade at Adamsville Elementary.
Dr. Armstrong has been Assistant Principal at Bethel Springs for the past 13 years. Prior to going to Bethel Springs she taught at Selmer Middle School.
“I’m excited about the challenge and looking forward to it,” said Dr. Armstrong. “I’m going to miss all the teachers and students at Bethel Springs. I’ve made a lot of friends there. I’m looking forward to meeting new teachers and students at Selmer Middle School. That’s the first place I taught so it’s kind of like going home.”

Rotary Club installs new president

rotaryPhoto by Tom Evans
Left to right: Past President Luke DeLavergne, Incoming president Karen Lange, and Treasurer Billy Brown.
The Selmer Rotary Club installed only the second woman president in the club’s history as Karen Lange was inducted as president at Monday’s meeting. The other woman president was Quinnie Bell.
“I’m excited to be sworn in as president of the Selmer Rotary Club,” said Lange. “My mission as president is going to be to educate and re-energize the community about all the worthwhile projects the Rotary Club is involved with. It’s an honor to be named president and I’m looking forward to serving.”
Lange, who is also director of the McNairy County Family Resource Center, invites anyone interested in membership to join up.
The Rotary Club, which currently has 29 members, is always looking for new members. They meet each Monday at the Whistle Stop Café from noon to 1 p.m.
In 2009 the Rotary Club gave $5,500.00 in assistance to 12 local organizations in the form of scholarships and other aid.

Election Commission Meets
Last Thursday, the McNairy County Election Commission held its first meeting since April.
Commissioners reviewed the list of Poll Workers for the upcoming election. The list was approved following a few suggestions by some of the Commissioners. The Commission voted to rent a U-Haul trailer to transport the voting machines for $63. A pay rate of $10 per hour was discussed for machine techs.
Joanie Collins, Administrator of Elections, presented all newly registered voters for approval by the Commission.
Chairman Dwight Garner asked if anyone had anything else that needed to be discussed. Commissioner Wayne Elam then asked about the mistake made with the petition for Mayor by the Independent Candidate. He said he had received several calls because the Election Office had typed County Executive on the petition instead of County Mayor, which could lead to an election problem.
Ms. Collins told Commissioner Elam that it was true that a mistake had been made and it would cost $2,500 to fix the problem and it would come out of the county budget for the Election Commission Office. Commissioner Elam told Collins that in his opinion the money to fix the problem should come from her salary. He indicated that in two other instances with past Administrators of Election that they had made mistakes and they paid it out of their salary and it was only fair that she do the same. Commissioner Elam made a motion to take the $2,500 out of her salary, but the motion died for lack of a second.
Commissioner Elam stated that he had also received calls over the 5th & 6th District Constables being left off the sample ballot that was published last week. Ms. Collins informed Commissioner Elam that the problem would be fixed. The Commissioners then reviewed the new voter registrations and adjourned.

McDonalds manager needs you to drink up!

Angie Reaves, manager of McDonalds in Selmer, needs your help. July 17th – August 27th McDonalds in Selmer will be participating in a contest to see which location can sell 1,008 bottles of vitamin water (aqua-blueberry pomegranate flavor). It comes in regular or zero calories. The regular has only 12 calories per bottle.
“If we can sell an average of 24 bottles per day, or 1008 overall, I will win an all expenses paid trip for 3 days and 2 nights to Las Vegas and it includes a private Carrie Underwood concert,” said Reaves. “The cost is only $1 per bottle and we can sell by the case. We would be glad to deliver to business owners if they just give us a call. We also have football and band camps going on during that period, so if someone would like to purchase a case and donate it to one of those groups we’ll be glad to deliver.”
McDonalds number is 645-4488 if anyone has a question or would like to place an order. Drink up McNairy County and let’s send Angie to Vegas. She has promised to bring back pictures of Carrie Underwood to share with us.