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From the July 29, 2010 edition

Fire destroys hay baler & tractor

fire1Photo by Tom Evans
Ronnie Mulder’s John Deere tractor and Vermeer hay baler were destroyed in Sunday afternoon’s fire.
Stantonville Fire Department responds quickly
The Stantonville Fire Department’s quick response helped avoid what could have been a major fire last Sunday afternoon.
Ronnie Mulder was baling hay in a field off of Albert Robertson Road off Hwy 142. Mulder had just dumped a roll of hay and was baling another when bearings in his baler overheated and sparked, causing a fire to start.
The fire spread quickly due to the dry hay all around, and soon caught Mulder’s John Deer tractor on fire, too. He was unable to unhook his baler from the tractor due to the flames.
Mulder called David Johnson of the Stantonville Fire Department and Johnson alerted other firemen. Johnson, along with Chief Larry Raines, Goose Sanders, James Jones, and Phillip Cooper, responded in a matter of minutes with two fire trucks.
The firemen quickly hosed down the edge of the hay field and the bales that were blazing by that time. There were 50 rolls of hay in the field and around 10 of them caught fire.
“We’re lucky we got here when we did because as dry as everything is this could have turned out to be a huge fire,” said Chief Larry Raines. “These guys did a great job of getting it under control quickly.

Car collides with utility pole
wreckPhoto by Tom Evans
Brenda Stephens of Selmer and her 10-year-old passenger escaped injury when her 1997 Honda struck a utility pole on East Poplar in Selmer last Friday morning.
The Selmer Fire Department, Selmer Police Department and Emergency personnel were dispatched to a wreck on East Poplar Avenue last Friday morning just before 10 a.m.
Brenda Stephens, age 59, of Selmer was headed west in a 1997 Honda when she crossed the center line, struck a mailbox and then struck a utility pole at 1319 Poplar Avenue.
Stephens and a 10-year-old passenger in the vehicle were both wearing their seatbelts and air bags deployed, which kept both occupants from serious injury. Neither the driver nor passenger had to be taken to the hospital.
According to a report filed by Officer Bradley Huckabee, Stephens stated that she wasn’t sure what happened to cause the accident.

Salon Elite holds grand opening
salon_elitePhoto by Tom Evans
Salon Elite, located at 103 South Magnolia Street in Adamsville, held their official grand opening on Tuesday morning. The new salon, owned by Alan Waller and Shane and April Stults, is equipped with all the latest equipment and offers all types of salon services. They are open Monday – Saturday. Ted Moore and Russell Ingle, representing the McNairy County Regional Alliance, Terry Thrasher, representing the Town of Adamsville, and several other county officials, were present at Tuesday’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Stylists April Stults, Jennifer Lipford, Michelle Wallis, Renee Adams Plunk, and Rachel Moore Kimbrell invite everyone to stop by and see them or call 632-2650 to schedule an appointment.

Generation 1000

1000Photo by Russell Ingle
Pastor Barry Bishop in character at last Saturday’s second-annual Generation 1000 celebration. The event included live music, a waterslide, drawing for prizes, and fun & fellowship. Teens from the Faith Tabernacle Worship Center in Medon also participated in the event.

District Attorney orders investigation
Use of fuel card in Sheriff’s Department questioned
District Attorney Michael Dunavant has ordered the state’s Comptroller’s Office to do an audit of the Fuelman card transactions by the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department following allegations from a citizen that a card might have been used illegally to put fuel in a personal vehicle.
Sheriff Ricky Roten noted that the Comptroller’s Office audited the Fuelman card transactions in February 2008 and did not find any violations. He feels the timing of these allegations just prior to next week’s election is an attempt by supporters of his opponents to hurt his re-election bid.
Roten was named as sheriff in January 2006 to replace Tommy Riley. He was later elected to the office in August 2006 for a four-year term. He is running against Guy Buck, a Republican, and Todd Crawford, an Independent candidate.

Lick Creek Walnut Tree Plantation
walnutsPhoto by Tom Evans
Estel Mills (center) of Michie demonstrates his walnut shelling machine.

Virginia Farm Tour stops in Michie
Estel Mills and his wife Mary Ruth began planting black walnut trees in 1993. Over the years they have added more and more trees to their operation.
On Wednesday, Mills’ Lick Creek Walnut Tree Plantation in Michie was one of the stops for a group of farmers and retired farmers from Virginia. Each year the group tours locations that are unique to various farming operations throughout the south. They were scheduled to finish their tour in Tupelo.
“Raising black walnuts is as much art as it is science,” said Mills. “If something doesn’t seem to be working the way it should be, you may have to try something else. You have to let your common sense be your guide.”
Mills demonstrated his walnut-shelling machine, let the group taste some of the shelled walnuts, gave information about how to raise the walnut trees and then took them on a tour to see some of his trees.
Mills raises the trees for the nuts and also for the hardwood. It takes around 25 years for the trees to be big enough to be harvested for the wood or veneer. Some trees grow more than 80 years to produce high quality lumber.
Mills says the first several years are key and as the trees get older they will need less care and be less vulnerable to disease. He noted the best time to plant the trees is the first of November thru December and mid February thru April 1st.
Walnut trees can pay handsome dividends if cared for properly. You can get two products (nuts & lumber) from one source.
The Lick Cree Walnut Tree Plantation is located on Hwy 57 in Michie at Mills Farms where they also grow blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and peaches.
If you would like more information, contact Estel Mills at 731-632-4712.

Hardin County woman faces First Degree Murder Charges
Shannon Baugus, age 40, of 1140 Coy Hill Rd. in Olive Hill, was arraigned in Hardin County Circuit Court on Monday and charged with First Degree Murder.
Baugus posted a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court again on August 30th.
She was questioned on March 21st following the shooting death of her husband George “Eddie” Baugus, age 47. No formal charges were filed at the time of the shooting which authorities believed followed a domestic dispute between the couple.
Shannon Baugus called 911 and told authorities she had shot her husband. She was also treated for various injuries at Hardin County Regional Medical Center the day of the shooting. The couple had a history of domestic problems.