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From the August 19, 2010 edition

Adamsville Civil War Trail Marker erected
cwmarkerPhoto by Tom Evans
The Civil War Trails crew erects the Adamsville Civil War marker at the War Memorial Park. The marker tells the story of Gen. Lew Wallace’s army that camped near Adamsville.
Adamsville joined the Civil War Trails on Tuesday as their new marker was erected in the War Memorial Park near Shackelford Funeral Home.
The Civil War Trails denotes important places where events relating to the Civil War took place. Civil War Trails has hundreds of sites in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.
Adamsville’s marker tells the history of General Lew Wallace’s Army that camped in the area as they waited to march to Shiloh.
Mitch Bowman, Director of Civil War Trails, stated that his company has placed 105 of the Civil War Markers in Tennessee and they are adding sites each day.
After leaving Adamsville, Bowman’s crew was headed to erect markers at Purdy and Fallen Timbers near Michie. There will also be markers placed in Bethel Springs and Selmer.
The Civil War Trails lists the sites of the markers on their website and keeps it updated to help promote tourism for those interested in the Civil War.
Hundreds of Civil War enthusiasts visit the markers as they follow the Civil War Trail.

Log Jam

log_truckPhoto by Tom Evans
A Nissan Altima was totaled and traffic was delayed for almost 3 hours when this log truck, on its way to Graham Lumber Company, swerved to miss a bicyclist at the Hwy. 45/64 intersection and overturned.
Traffic came to a halt at the Hwy 45/64 intersection in Selmer on Tuesday afternoon just after 1 p.m.
A log truck that was coming off the bypass and heading south on Hwy 45 turned over after his load shifted.
Some of the logs landed on top of a Nissan Altima with a driver and passenger inside. Both occupants were able to walk to the ambulance even though the car was totaled. They were taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening.
Wayne Garrett, the driver of the truck, which was owned by a company in Bolivar, stated he was coming off the bypass and made a wide turn to avoid a man riding a bicycle near the exit ramp when his load shifted and his truck turned over. He was headed to Graham Lumber Company on Hwy 142. Garrett noted that he had been driving a truck several years and this was his first accident.
The Selmer Fire Department worked at the scene for over an hour spreading oil dry and sand to soak up the diesel fuel that was leaking from the overturned Mack truck. Moore Brothers Wrecker Service was called to bring one of their big wreckers to pull the truck back upright.
Anthony Knight, of Knight Enterprises, brought a loader from their sawmill to remove the logs from the car and then load them on to an empty trailer. The wreck delayed the traffic flow at the intersection for almost three hours.
Selmer Police Officers noted that this was the first wreck at the intersection in some time.
log_truck2Photo by Tom Evans
Anthony Knight of Knight Enterprises uses their sawmill’s Volvo loader to clear the intersection following Tuesday’s accident.

Property Tax relief available

tax_reliefPhoto by Tom Evans
Construction crews are still busy rebuilding following the May 2nd tornado.
Storm victims can get property taxes pro-rated

If you suffered damage from the May 2nd tornado or from flooding you may be eligible for a tax break.
Those displaced from their homes for at least 30 days can get their county property taxes pro-rated and save some money. Property owners with rental property that they were unable to rent for 30 days are also eligible.
The McNairy County Property Assessor’s Office is ready to help.
“If someone had to be out of their home for at least 30 days because of damage from the storm or flood damage we can help them by pro-rating their 2010 property taxes,” said Betty Ashe, McNairy County Assessor of Property. “They just need to give us a call at 645-5146 or come by our office in the basement of the Courthouse. We’ll be happy to help them in any way we can.”

Hee Haw Show earns state honors
heehawPhoto by Bryan Huff
Hee-Haw cast members Brian Dickey (left) and Joe Dan Maness.
McNairy County’s Hee Haw Show has been honored with the Sapphire Award by the American Cancer Society for their outstanding contribution to the fight against cancer. This award will be presented to the Hee Haw cast and crew at a reception held at the UT McNairy campus on Thursday, September 2, at 5:30 p.m.
The public is invited and encouraged to attend and show their appreciation for this outstanding group of volunteers.
The Hee Haw Show was started in 1987 and has run continuously since then to help raise funds to battle cancer. Mr. George Souders, a popular McNairy County teacher, directed the very first show and there’s been no stopping them since.
The show raised over $20,000 for the American Cancer Society this year and is consistently one of West Tennessee’s largest fundraisers.
Many cast members have been in almost every show, including Joe Dan Maness, Randy Fowler, Kaye Tacker, and Brian Dickey.
The family of Dorothy King, including Johnny B. and Wilma Dunaway, and Shirley Moore, have provided refreshments for every show. Dorothy lost her battle with cancer in 1996, but her family continues to honor her by continuing the tradition that she started.
Please come out and help show your appreciation to this cast and crew for their many contributions to this battle against cancer.

School Board honors Johnny Blakeley

school_boardPhoto by Tom Evans
Director of Schools Charlie Miskelly (left) and Johnny Blakeley.
School Board honors Blakely’s 24 years of service
The McNairy County School Board met last Thursday night for their August meeting. Following the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Johnny Blakely, who lost his re-election bid by 48 votes, addressed his fellow Board Members.
“The McNairy County Education Department is made up of some of the finest teachers and administrators in the state and it’s been my honor to have served with them for the past 24 years,” said Blakely. “Mr. Charlie Miskelly has been a strong advocate of the McNairy County Schools and has kept a close eye on the budget. It’s been an honor to serve as a School Board Member and at this time I will turn the chairmanship over to Mr. Smith and excuse myself from this meeting.”
Before he could leave, the audience and fellow Board Members gave him a loud round of applause and a standing ovation. Mr. Miskelly then presented Blakely with a plaque noting his many years of service.
Following the presentation, Vice Chairman Larry Smith took charge of the meeting. Karen Lange, Director of the Family Resource Center, told the Board that they had served 1,735 individuals in one capacity or another the past year and hoped to make the upcoming year the best ever.
Frank Lacey made a motion to accept the consent agenda. His motion was seconded by Jean Jones and approved unanimously. A request to lease a copier was approved unanimously. The bid of $5,775 for a sound system for the new Ag Center was approved.
Tony Chapman informed the Board of a modular building that he and Larry Smith had looked at in LaGrange.
“It’s a 24 X 60 building that’s two years old and it could be two classrooms,” said Chapman. “We can buy it for $28,000. “They paid $50,000 for it two years ago.”
Chapman noted that the building could be moved and set up for $6,500, which would make the total price $34,500. Chapman made a motion that they buy the building, to be used as classroom space for Adamsville High School, pending approval of the fire marshal and County Attorney Craig Kennedy. Smith seconded Chapman’s motion and it was approved unanimously.
Mr. Smith advised the Board that the Planning Committee had met with Brian Evans, Mr. Miskelly and Lewis Jernigan and they should have the deed soon to the new school property on Hwy 64 that was donated.
The layout of the proposed new Ag Center was show to the Board Members. The building would be built on property at the fairgrounds and would be 270 feet from High School Road in an area near the parking lot for the softball field, but would still leave room for parking for softball. A motion to accept the layout plan was approved unanimously.
In his Director of Schools Report, Mr. Miskelly stated that the fund balance was estimated at $1 million 788 thousand.
“We have several things that need attention,” said Mr. Miskelly. “Selmer Middle School needs bleachers and Adamsville High School needs bleachers and air conditioning for the gym. I also want everyone to keep in mind the things our teachers deal with every day, like graduation rates, etc. Let’s make sure we pay attention to these things this year.”
Felicia Russom then addressed the Board in regards to her son Tyler, who got off a Special Needs bus that day and was wringing wet.
“It’s not safe, you have children with heart problems and other problems,” said Russom. “I don’t understand why my son got off wringing wet.”
Larry Smith advised Russom that the Board was now purchasing special needs buses with air and that the Board would take her request under advisement.
Adamsville Mayor David Leckner then addressed the Board in regards to overcrowding at the elementary and high school in Adamsville.
Mayor Leckner said, “I’ve been coming to these meetings since February and my question is what is the plan for the future growth for the county schools. Over the years the overcrowding has grown. The high school has to partition off the library, use the cafeteria for classrooms and seeing a mobile home in front of the school is disappointing. The elementary band has practice in the hall.”
“I think we have a plan, we are planning two schools,” said Tony Chapman.
“I’m challenging you to present a plan in writing,” stated Mayor Leckner. “The story that I’m getting from the County Mayor and Commissioners is they want to see a plan from the School Board.”
Frank Lacey, who represents the Adamsville school district said, “People are asking us every day and it’s time to get the ball rolling.”
“It would cost $2.5 million to operate a new school and we’ve got to know where that money would come from,” said Smith.
David McCullar, a 4th District County Commissioner, then addressed the Board.
“The County Commission knows there are problems,” said McCullar. “We are going to have to have numbers and what it will cost. We need some good hard figures. We need to start meeting together more with the School Board and the School Board needs to get together with the County Commission. It’s going to take a lot of people working together to get this accomplished.”
After a few more minutes of discussion the meeting finally adjourned.

THP plans roadblocks
Lt. David Killingsworth of the Tennessee Highway Patrol advises motorists that there will be a “Drivers License Checkpoint” on Highway 57 West at Unity Church on Friday, August 27th. There will also be a “Sobriety Checkpoint” on Hwy 224 at Old Stage Road on Friday, August 27th.

Selmer McDonalds shooting for #1
The Selmer McDonalds is currently number 2 in their region in their quest to sell the most Vitamin Water.
McDonalds stores have until August 27th before the contest ends. The winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and a private Carrie Underwood concert.
“We are about 6 cases short of our goal and number 2 in our region,” said McDonalds manager, Angie Reaves. “We want to be number 1 and we need everyone’s help. Please stop by and purchase your Vitamin Water from your Selmer McDonalds.”

Storm debris pickup finished
debrisPhoto by Tom Evans
Crews picking up the storm debris from the May 2nd tornado made their final pickups this week. Evidence of the tornado will remain for many years, though, as damaged houses won’t be rebuilt and landscape will be missing numerous trees.