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From the April 1, 2010 edition

18-wheeler pile-up
truck_wreckPhoto by Tom Evans
Marty Strickland of Decaturville was driving the white International truck that struck a Kenworth driven by Mary Myers and pushed it into a third 18-wheeler.

An 18-wheeler, that a witness said had been driving all over the road for the past 15 miles or so, rammed another 18-wheeler waiting at the red light in front of the Selmer Walmart and knocked it into another 18-wheeler also waiting at the light causing an 18-wheeler pile-up of three vehicles.
Brad Beach, who was actually on the phone with the Selmer Police Department at the time of the accident reporting the reckless driver, said he had been following the truck for several miles.
“He was driving all over the road, going off on the shoulder and then coming back on,” said Beach. “I was beside him for a while and then I decided to stay behind him because I didn’t know what he was going to do. I’d been following him for 15 miles or more and decided to call the police and alert them.”
The wreck occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.
Selmer Police Chief Neal Burks, who lives on Skyline Drive a short distance from the scene of the wreck, said he was outside in the yard and heard the collision.
The driver, 38-year-old Marty Strickland of Decaturville, that caused the wreck was injured and was airlifted from the scene to the Med in Memphis with head trauma. Strickland was driving an International truck and pulling an empty 53’ trailer that hauls woodchips. The truck belonged to CP Trucking of Parsons, TN.
The 18-wheeler that he hit was driven by Mary Myers. Her husband was asleep in the sleeper section of the cab. Myers was driving a Kenworth truck and was pulling a 53’ trailer loaded with toilet paper. They had picked up their load in Georgia and were in route to Missouri. The truck and trailer belonged to Schneider National Trucking Company.
“He just slammed into us as we were sitting at the light,” said Ms. Myers. “Usually when you get hit in the rear in one of these trucks you don’t feel it, but he hit us full force and believe me we felt it. When you get hit from behind there’s nothing you can do.”
The 18-wheeler driven by Ms. Myers suffered damage to the trailer and the front of the cab when it was knocked into another 18-wheeler with a 53’ trailer that was headed to Dyersburg.
“I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said the driver of the third truck that was owned by Royster Interprises of Ashland, Alabama.
The wreck created a traffic nightmare as rush hour traffic had to be re-routed through the Walmart parking lot. Diesel spilled onto the road from one of the trucks and had to be contained by members of the Selmer Fire Department. They dumped several bags of oil dry on the spill to absorb the diesel.
The truck that caused the wreck was totaled and several pieces of the truck, including the transmission, were scattered all over the highway. It took around four hours before the mess was cleaned up and traffic got back to normal.
The Selmer Fire Department, Selmer Police Department, and Emergency Personnel did a great job handling a very difficult and dangerous situation.

Whitten signs basketball scholarship
whittenPhoto by Lisa Forsythe

Pictured with Chris at the signing are his mother Amy and his dad Chris. Standing is Bobcat Coach Steve Forsythe, Chris’ brother Chaseton and grandfather Farris Holmes, Blue Mountain Coach Jerry Conner, and other members of Chris’ family.

Chris Whitten of McNairy Central will take his basketball skills to the college level next season.
On Wednesday afternoon Chris signed a scholarship to play with the Blue Mountain Hilltoppers next season.
“Chris is a great Christian young man who has worked really hard on the court and in the classroom,” said Bobcat coach Steve Forsythe. “I believe he will be a great asset to Blue Mountain College.”
Chris, a 6’7” forward/center, has scored a total of 533 points in his Bobcat career. He has blocked 37 shots, grabbed 402 rebounds, handed out 82 assists, and come away with 43 steals. He will also be remembered for the 80’ plus shot that he made this season in the district tournament at Bolivar.
During his senior season, Chris averaged 10 points per game and 9.5 rebounds. He was selected to the All-District team two years and was named as the Bobcats MVP and Kenny Walker Award winner this season. He was also named as the State Farm Player of the Week nine times over the past two seasons.
“We’re excited to get a player of Chris’ character and ability,” said Blue Mountain Coach Jerry Conner. “He’s a good inside player, has great size and he may grow another inch or two. He has good basketball fundamentals and I’m looking forward to watching him develop during his college days here at Blue Mountain.”
Blue Mountain is member of the Trans South Athletic Conference. They will compete against local teams like Freed-Hardeman and Union so local fans will have a chance to watch Chris play close to home.
Congratulations Chris and good luck at the college level!

Outdoors Unlimited holds grand opening

outdoors_unlimitedPhoto by Tom Evans

Members of the McNairy County Chamber of Commerce, along with several local officials, were on-hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Outdoors Unlimited. The business is owned by Richard, Chris and Brad Howard and is located in Ramer.

Outdoors Unlimited, located at 2400 Industrial Drive in Ramer, held their grand opening on Wednesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Members of the McNairy Chamber of Commerce along with several local officials were on hand for the ceremony.
Guy Buck, Richard Howard, Donna Howard and others cooked up a delicious meal for those attending.
Outdoors Unlimited is owned by Richard, Chris, and Brad Howard and was founded in 2000. Prior to this time, Richard and Chris had been in the tree service industry with the name Triple H Tree Service, while Brad had been in dirt work with a backhoe, trackhoe, and dozer and called his business Outdoors Unlimited.
The three combined the two businesses and kept the name Outdoors Unlimited.
In late 2005, while working on a small job near Selmer, a man with an international pipeline company observed the small crew, liked what he saw and said he’d get back with them. Within a week he called back and they then started doing many aspects of maintenance for the company.
SUBMAR, a company based in Houma, Louisiana, that provides pipeline protection, erosion control, and stream bank stabilization through its use of Revetment Mats, soon found out about the company and contracted the services of Outdoors Unlimited.
This January, Outdoors Unlimited became the Tennessee division of manufacturing for SUBMAR and began making and shipping out their 4.5”concrete revetment erosion control mats from their new facility in Ramer. The company also performs mowing, sweeping and litter control on the 4-lane bypass around Selmer and they also mow many of the watersheds for McNairy County.
They currently employ 9 full or part-time employees and last fall had as many as 17 on their payroll. They have done work in as many as 12 states over the past few months.
The father and sons trio have taken an idea and turned it into a growing business with a bright future!

Bond set at $1 million
Photo Submitted
John Wayne Wilson

John Wayne Wilson had his first day in court last Thursday in connection with a shooting last Tuesday night that took the life of Timmy Bright.
Bright and Wilson got into an argument and Wilson allegedly shot Bright three times; once in the foot, once in the shoulder and once in the head.
Wilson went before Judge Van McMahan on Thursday and was placed under a $1 million bond.
Attorney General Mike Dunavant has charged Wilson with second-degree murder in the case.
Wilson, who fled the scene of the shooting, spent the night in a horse trailer a couple of miles from the scene and turned himself in the next day.

McNairy County schools to receive $986,782.00
Good news came to the McNairy County Board of Education this week when Charlie Miskelly, Director of Schools, was notified that McNairy County schools will receive a total of $986,782.00 over the next four years.
The funding is part of President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program.
In January a bill was passed that put $4.35 billion in grant money for states to focus on education. The mandate was that states realize significant progress in student achievement, improve high school graduation rates and ensure that students are prepared for success in college or the workplace.
“We’re excited that Tennessee was chosen and that some funding is coming to McNairy County,” said Mr. Miskelly. “The money, which will be just under $250,000.00 for the next four years, can only be used in two areas. We can use it for staff development, which means workshops, classes or other means by which we can make our teachers better teachers or we can use the money for instruction to help improve our students’ grades. This is money we can use to make our teachers better and make our students bettered prepared for college or the workforce.”
There were 16 states in the final running for the money and only two were selected, Delaware and Tennessee.
The Tennessee legislature met in two special sessions and passed a law lifting the cap on charter schools. They got endorsements from 93% of the teachers’ unions, which helped in getting the grant money. The money is distributed to the state, which then distributes it to its counties.
For states that weren’t selected for the grant money, they can re-apply for the next phase. There is still $3 billion left in the program.

Don’t forget to return Census forms
The 2010 census forms have been delivered and McNairy County residents are urged to return them by April 15th.
The form is very easy to fill out and asks only a few simple questions such as how many people live in your household, male or female and race.
Please take the estimated 10 minutes to fill out the form and put in the mail. No postage is necessary.
By counting the number of people in McNairy County the county could receive better funding or better representation.

Adamsville Downtown Project

constructionPhoto by Tom Evans

The Adamsville Downtown Project is slowly winding down. Sidewalks will be extended to Magnolia Street since the city decided not to to pave crosswalks across the highways.